Oil & Gas

Gone are the days of the simple processing facility. Today’s gas-fueled society demands that refineries maintain continuous power to drive a non-stop flow of production, as well as the safety of the operation.

On the frontlines of this wave are operators who rely on systems to ensure uninterrupted power supply when the grid is jeopardized. Particular to this industry are the loads produced by pumps and other dynamic motors that require a hard, resilient power source to ensure continuous operation of critical processes and assure life safety.

It is not financially feasible to support multi GW process plants with UPS power. But it is possible to ensure that any process which can be hazardous if it suffers a sudden power outage is supported with uninterruptable power.

HITEC systems provide continuous support to many hazardous process that comprise large motors, pumps, fans and compressors; all load types that cannot be supported by Static UPS equipment. As such HITEC systems play a vital role in ensuring the safety of the plant’s personnel and the local environment by enabling the orderly and controlled shut-down of any hazardous processes.

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