As the global manufacturing operations of the the largest drug companies in the world continue to expand, so has the demand for uninterrupted supplies of power to support the process, control, and operational components of these facilities.

Equally important are the research and development components of the industry that rely on precision and the continuous flow of power to protect large investments in the development process, from trial data to the preservation of samples and experiments.

HITEC’s UPS for the pharmaceutical industry supports the entire complex to provide high capacity, uninterrupted power to sensitive equipment, as well as the rugged mechanical systems that keep these facilities running.

 HITEC systems support the entire pharmaceutical manufacturing process. They not only ensure that the power is clean and stable; they ensure that the humidity and temperature remains constant within the laboratories and that the entire production environment remains sterile. Any variation in these vital parameters will cause the pharmaceutical product to either be contaminated or incorrectly formed and the entire batch or experiment to be scrapped at huge financial cost and disruption.

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