The security of our countries and their borders drives a market that defined the
term ‘mission-critical.’ This approach is now used in so many areas, but never
with as much meaning as military operations and the defense of nations.
HITEC has a long and proud tradition of supporting the security of our
countries. Missile defense, radar, surveillance, and command and control
centers are all applications that require the continuous power provided by
Dynamic UPS systems, often in remote environments where HITEC units
provide both primary and backup power.

HITEC systems are incredibly flexible and durable. They can be installed at
high altitudes and in harsh and unforgiving environments such as deserts, the
tropics or even in the arctic. This makes HITEC systems ideally suited for
security applications that require the continuous power to be both reliable and

So whether the application relates to the storage and analysis of data, the
support of radar systems and sensors, or the need to assure vital
communications, HITEC systems provide the continuous power that delivers
the security we need to live our everyday lives.



Space savings

Lowering operational costs

Big power, little space

Customer support

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