Power is not a constant. This statement is known all too well in areas where the power grid is limited in reach or areas where the local utility experiences constant faults. Feeling this pain are companies involved with the global supply chain, as they have a particular need for continuous, uninterrupted power.

The fact is semiconductor processes are driven by electrical loads that are difficult for standard UPS equipment to support. HITEC’s Dynamic UPS systems are designed to condition and provide power to sustain electrical loads, and ensure unstable grid conditions never impact productivity quotas.

HITEC systems support the entire wafer manufacturing process. They ensure that power is clean and stable, that humidity and temperature remain constant and that the entire production environment remains sterile and hermetically sealed at a continuous positive pressure. Any variation in these vital parameters will cause the 27 day wafer production cycle to be interrupted and the entire batch to be scrapped at huge financial cost.

HITEC has the industry’s best reputation for serving the semiconductor industry with UPS solutions that offer clean power in areas where the grid is unstable. This allows wafer production to continue and supply-chain demands to be met.

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