When the safety of passengers and travelers is on the line, HITEC Power Protection is the solution of choice for the power protection needs of critical infrastructure. When you pass through a tunnel or roadway, your last thought is on anything but the road.

But these structure have critical power, life safety, and air handling systems that protect the lives of their users. Working quietly in the background, our dynamic UPS equipment provides continuous power in the event of an unstable grid or regional power outage, ensuring the flow of traffic through our byways, and ensures the safety of millions of passengers every year.

HITEC systems can support any load type. They are compact and can be installed within naturally ventilated environments and at high ambient temperatures; all vital considerations when considering how to support the numerous systems within a tunnel. Tunnel loads vary from large ventilation fans and drainage pumps to traffic control, lighting, life safety and fire fighting systems; all of which can be given continuous support by HITEC systems.

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