Customer Support

As our customers are at the very heart of everything we do as a company, consequently we believe that service and support are just as important as any product innovation. HITEC brings a team of highly skilled and motivated service engineers that are world-renowned for their knowledge and expertise. To augment our in-house engineers, we also team up with a broad network of highly trained Service Partners located in more than 60 countries around the world.

Customer Support Cycle



HITEC offers over 60 years of design, development, and implementation experience that spans every industry. We provide independent consulting services to augment the owner’s implementation team and provide the expertise necessary to ensure the project is on time and in budget. Our international team brings knowledge of products and configurations to provide the best possible dynamic UPS implementation.


HITEC provides continuous training programs for our employees and clients via the UPS Academy in the Netherlands. HITEC also has regional training centers in the United States, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Our world-class instructors set our training programs apart from anything else in the industry.

Top results are achieved through a collaborative process of setting expectations, measuring performance and reinforcing behaviors. Our customer training programs are developed to establish a theoretical foundation with a strong focus on developing the practical skills needed to support operations, properly execute UPS checks, and perform basic troubleshooting.

Online Operation

HITEC is best known for providing the fastest customer response times in the industry. Our global Help Desk provides remote monitoring and system analysis to assist customers with operational questions, maintenance advice, and troubleshooting help.

In addition, our unique auto call UPS system instantly notifies the HITEC Help Desk and alerts our service personnel to any situation that needs attention. Whether its 24/7 Help Desk services, remote support or 24/7 system monitoring, HITEC is always there.

Field Service

Ongoing service and preventative maintenance measures are the key to the long lifecycle of our dynamic UPS equipment. Our service technicians are on the forefront of Dynamic UPS technology and machinery, providing the most dependable routine services in the industry. HITEC service excels in:

  • Installation & commissioning
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Site inspections
  • Documentation management
  • Upgrades and overhauls
  • Consultancy & analysis
  • Mobile UPS rental

Condition-Based Maintenance

In addition to our preventative service approach, HITEC utilizes a condition-based maintenance model to ensure that critical expectations are met. Utilizing the unit’s native monitoring system, we predictively monitor for conditions that would indicate service outside of the normal schedule. This allows HITEC to provide the most comprehensive service model in the industry.

Field Service Support                       

HITEC realizes that the people are essential components in keeping your UPS systems operational. To accomplish this, we provide a highly trained, skilled, and dedicated Field Service Team with decades of experience which is ready address all your UPS needs.

Global Service Centers         

HITEC’s Global Service Centers are a fundamental part of our client commitment and a true value-add experience. Dedicated teams bring vast expertise to provide a solutions-based approach to supporting your UPS and associated systems. In order to deliver the highest level of support, we have established regional service centers in your own time zone. Whether your questions are about specific hardware or software, HITEC’s service and technical support teams will serve as your partner to answer your UPS needs.

Parts and Equipment                   

Our strategically positioned overhaul shops ensure the highest level of service for your UPS’s critical parts and systems in the most cost-effective manner. Our overhaul shops are located in Houston, Taiwan, and at our factory in Almelo, the Netherlands. These strategically located overhaul facilities ensure spares availability and short bearing exchange periods.

Service Level Agreements

Because of our unmatched customer support and service, HITEC is able to provide the industry’s best UPS Service Level Agreement. We are dedicated to deliver the best service and unmatched customer support, which allows us to tailor an agreement to meet each client’s specific needs. We offer annual or long term service packages to maintain UPS reliability and maximize your facility’s uptime.

Mobile Solutions       

To meet our client’s needs at a moment’s notice, HITEC offers a fleet of containerized UPS units in some markets. Our portable Dynamic UPS solutions is offered for temporary or specific power back-up requirements, and often support events such as hospital renovations or large sport events that have mission-critical power needs. Units can be dispatched to fit into a variety of configurations and voltages. Our mobile fleet is dedicated to ensuring your facility is protected whenever and wherever needed.

Customer support

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